When printing directly from the Finale v27 Print dialog box on Windows, the page will print with a slight offset. The offset will push the printed page closer to the bottom right-hand corner. This does not affect all page sizes, setups, and orientations but is most obviously seen when printing the Default Document setup and 8..5 in. by 11 in. pages. 



We are currently investigating the cause of this issue and will update this article as more info becomes available. The best option to avoid the issue is to first export the document to a PDF, then open the PDF in your available document viewer and print this version. PDFs are not affected by the issue.


To create a PDF of your document, you can use one of several options available within Finale. 


1. Go to File > Export > PDF.

2. Select a location for your file, name the file and click OK.




1. Go to File > Print. The Print dialog box opens

2. Click Setup.

3. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF and click OK to close the window.

4. From the Print dialog box, click OK




1. Choose Tools > Advanced Tools > Graphics

2. Then choose Graphics > Export Pages. The Export Pages dialog box open.

3. Choose PDF from the Type drop-down menu and the click OK.