Finale has a batch process at File > Export > Translate Folder to MusicXML that converts a folder of .musx files to MusicXML files. If attempting this process fails, this is most likely from Windows disabling the short name entry of your files. Note that this may also affect a similar process with FinaleScript.


This is not a change in the name that you, the user, would see or have control over, but rather the OS has disabled this as part of removing specific legacy file support. This will affect the naming system for the computer's entire directory, not just .musx files. For more details on this, click here.


If you are using Finale v27, make sure to get the latest update to v27.2 as this fix was delivered as part of this update. Within Finale, choose Help (Windows) or Finale (Mac) > Check for Update.


If you are using Finale v26.3, a new MusicXML.dll will need to be manually installed. To do this, follow the steps below.


  1. Make sure Finale is closed.
  2. Download the attached MusicXML.dll file.
  3. Locate the downloaded file and drag it to your Desktop.
  4. Press the WINDOWS key + R, the Run window opens. 
  5. Enter in the following file path: %programfiles%\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plugin Components
  6. Then click OK.
  7. Locate the MusicXML.dll in this folder and delete it.
  8. Drag the new MusicXML.dll into this folder from your Desktop. 
  9. Close the window and restart Finale.