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Windows 10, Finale 26

Hi all,

Because the threads for JW Plugins are pretty old, I thought I would try afresh.

I am trying to merge two layers into one. Since this cannot be done with Finale (I don't know why) someone suggested using the JW Staff Polyphony plugin.

I downloaded jwstaffpolyphony.fxt and put in into C:\Program Files\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plug-ins and restarted Finale.
That did not work, so I Restarted my computer. That did not work either. I tried putting it in one of the existing folders, but that did not work.
I do not know how to check to see if the plugin is x64 bit or not. The zip file is
Here are its Properties:

Here's a screenshot:

In case you are wondering why I wish to do this... I have a choral work with SATB on two staves, and each in a separate layer.
In some cases the piano accompaniment is a duplicate of the vocal parts, but my pianist (and I) would prefer to have the notes and stems appear as a piano piece rather than choral to be more consistent with the rest of the piano part. For example:

Thank you, in advance!

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My apologies! Multifold. :-)

I just had a thought that with Finale 26, the plugin I have might be outdated.

So.... I returned to JW's site, found, and downloaded

I extracted it directly into the plugin folder, rather than extract it and copy it into the folder--don't know if that made a difference.

BUT IT WORKS -- AND it is really, really nifty!!

Thanks for all of your help.

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